Increasing Popularity of American Football:

American Football is one of the latest versions of football, which branched off from Rugby, a game which game which is a century or two old. The National Football League, which is the professional football league of America, or rather the biggest professional league of America, has gained popularity with time. It is watched across the world, mostly due to the televised advertising, and broadcasting it receives on mostly all sports channel across and beyond America. The Super bowl championship played every year, produces a different result each time too. It gives the 36 teams of America, both from NFL and AFL to compete against each other, teams from all states across America.

How American Football is Played:

Somewhat similar to The Rugby union games, American Football is a full contact game, which is deemed dangerous by some elements. It is played on a field indoors and outdoor, the field measuring, 109m in length and 49m approximately in width. Goal posts are placed at each end of the field, with the end zones and the goal lines. The duration of each game is 1 hours of play , 15 minutes of play and 12 minutes break, dividing them into four quarters. 11 members to each team for the field, but substitutes are in abundance. If the game is tied after these four quarters additional 15 minutes are awarded, so that some comprehensive results could be achieved.

Mode of Play:

The start of the game resembles that of association football, i.e. tossing a coin to see who kicks off first. Throwing the ball or advancing in turn is like the play the ball in rugby. The team with the ball, termed the offense for the time they are with the ball, get 4 chances at downs to advance into the opponents game territory, and if they get the first 10 yards, they get the next four downs. If they do not succeed the opposite team gets the chance to do the same. The ball can be advanced by forward pass or running with the ball that is rushing. The change of possession of ball is known as the turnover on downs. The players are basically divided into four units, of the offensive the positions are; offensive backs, quarter backs, running backs, wide receivers and tight ends. The defence consists of the defensive line, line backers and safeties. As for the special teams, they are the punter place kicker and long snapper. Australian player who is a punter, Graham, is the first Australian to make it to the super Bowl, the American football. Australia is now aiming for more players to make their place in this version of football, although it is very difficult from their version, but they are ready to play their best for it. As Graham is said to have noted that many of the skills used for Australian football can serve in American football too, which would make it easier for the Australian players to make a place and name in the super bowl games.

For favourable results in the super bowl games, the players have to train well, plan well, and finally play well.

The uniform of the American football team is also different then the other football versions, the players have padded shirts and helmets, because the game could get tough with time. As mentioned before it is a full contact game and tackling and defence is the normal mode of the game, which does make it rough at times, the player could be prone to hurt.

Results of every game depend on the score, and the scoring system of American Football and the Super Bowels is basically similar to that of Rugby, there is the touchdown which is worth 6 points like a try in rugby – the player has to touch the ball down in the end zone beyond the goal. A field goal is worth 3 points, by kicking the ball into goal posts, a Try which is the American version of conversion goals in rugby. And finally the safety, which is for 2 points, earned if the ball becomes dead behind its own goal line.


The results, who won who lost, the margin of the win is all very important, to win titles, or to go forward in competitions or playoffs, and finally in gaining experience. The champions in the first game were Green Bay packers against Kansas city chiefs, the scores being 35 against 10. The next year Kansas Green bay Packer continued their winning streak. IN 1968 New York Jets were the winners, 69 saw Kansas city as the champions. The Miami Dolphins managed to claim two titles in 72 and 73. Next two years went to Pittsburgh Steelers, 1976 champion was Oakland Riders, the next was San Francisco 49ers. In 1982 the Washington Redskins won the title. San Francisco won again two in a stretch in 1988 and 89, and again in 1994, after that two titles went to Denver Broncos in 97 and 98, New England Patriots won in 2003 and 4, and the latest champion is the Pittsburgh Steelers who won this year, the first Sunday of January.

Several teams have managed to clinch the title more than once, but only twice in a run. Australia will be looking forward to the next game, which would bring an Australian in the lime light, in reference to American Football.

The Super Bowl results are important to consult when looking to place a wager on the game, as they give an indication of the form of the teams and players involved. You can find out all the Super Bowl results online, as well as detailed form guides of the individual players and the individual results for their playing history. Placing your bets online also allows you to have access to up to the minute information on teams before placing your wager, a distinct advantage over the traditional betting arena. You can also avoid the crush of the bookmakers at such a big event as Super Bowl by placing your bet online, at home and at your own convenience.